Poetry Review and Workshop

Batch 2 – Is almost here!

Hello Helpers!

I will hopefully have time to post batch 2 tomorrow.
Please note that we only currently have 4 submissions, and I would like to have 7.
If you need some help editing or reviewing your work, please submit!
Also please provide your name, the title of the poem, and your blog address. – This will make it easier to post.
For those of you who have indicated you would like to submit for this batch, please have your work into mainstreetandgreen@gmail.com by the end of the day if possible.

Thanks again everyone!


Update 11/9/2013 – OPEN SUBMISSIONS!!!!

Hello Helpers!

Please review the new “About – Mainstreetandgreen” and note the changes to the submission process.
Hope you all enjoy (open submissions).
Also only 1 poem/story submission per person. (This means that until your poem/story is released you cannot submit more poems. – Have to give a chance for other fish to feed as well)

I am looking forward to receiving your poems, and hope you are all ready to comment on some new work.

We are also accepting short stories as well.

As always – Keep writing.


Update 11/6/13 Cont.

Hello Helpers!

It has been brought to my attention that the submission requirements are possibly asking to much of the writers.
I apologize if that was the initial impression provided.
Please note that I am trying to establish a community relationship between writers and readers. Through this experience we need the readers to be critical of others so that they can be critical of themselves.
Without being able to analyze other peoples writing, we cannot fully assume responsibility for our own work.
Please note that I have tried to make the submission requirements clearer by removing some of the explanations and extended writing.

If you have any questions please let us know by emailing – mainstreetandgreen@gmail.com or leave a comment.

I have also added a FAQ section where I will include any questions that may come up.

Thanks for the great work everyone!

Now lets work on getting batch 2 submitted and ready for review!


Update 11/6/13

Hello Helpers!

I am currently looking for other people to submit work.
I have recieved 2 poems from people who have submitted.
Please realize that there is instructions on how to submit under the “About – mainstreetandgreen” page.
If you have any questions you can leave a comment question or email us at mainstreetandgreen@gmail.com.

Look forward to hearing from you all!
Batch 1 was a great success and we had alot of responses.
Hope you all were able to learn a little bit about yourselves and eachother.
As always, have fun and continue writing!




Update 11/4/2013

Hello Helpers!

Mainstreetandgreen –

First submissions are a great success!
Keep up the great work.
I will try to review submissions 4 – 7 this week and hopefully give feedback.
Please note that the new submissions should be submitted before the EOD (21:00 CST) (9:00pm CST) 11/9/12 to be considered for Batch 2.
Its looking like this may be a little more than I expected for work, however I will try my best to keep this a weekly thing.
Continue to stay constructive and try not to bash the works of others.
Also remember that within your comment you should consider that many of these “faults” could in fact be intended by the poet.
Lets try to keep an open mind!

As always helpers, I will see you on the corner of Main Street and Green.


“Forever lost without reason our minds are our own” – NCBEK


Batch 1 is posted!

Hello Helpers!

Batch 1 is posted.
So go ahead and comment on each post giving feedback to the writers on what they can do to improve.
Also be sure to let them know things that you like in the work.
I have added a “things to consider” on the bottom of each one if you are looking for ideas to comment about.

Thanks again everyone!




Submission 7 – Batch 1 – Never Ending Rain By: Ockert C Kruger

Never Ending Rain

By: Ockert C. Kruger

Tip Tap Tip Tap
A drop hear a drop there
So it goes on and on
Here it rains never stop to rain
In the sandstone cave
Gaarrrr gaarrr
It comes down never up
So it goes on and on
Here the waterfall never stops
In the sandstone cave
Klilike klilike
Over the stones under the boulders
So it goes on and on
Here the water flows never stops
In the sandstone cave
Praise God, wonder God
for making water go
tip tap tip tap
gaarrr gaarrr
klilike klilike

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Things to consider –
What is the meter doing?
Is there a rhyme scheme? And what does that do to the poem? Is it needed?
What do you think of when reading it?
What is the poet talking about?