Time Told Wonder
By: Nathaniel C. Bek(NCBEK)/ Http://ncbek.wordpress.com

When today becomes tomorrow
And we look back upon the stones of our memory
At the marbled tiles
Fragmented snapshots of our colorful years
I want you to feel the lines that make their story
As pieces drawn of a larger idea
Not as the slivers of aged experience
Riddled with stories already known,
I want you to hear the shuffle of feet
Across the floorboards as old as our dreams
As your eyes dance along the rows of my wrinkles
Not as you lose the understanding through translation
While noise becomes pain,
I want you to find
The fight of a man in determination
Resilience stout in hearts demands
But not in his unrelenting strength,
And so I ask you to feel your chest
Beneath the skin and bone
And reach for that heart that took you here
And in that caring moment,
I want you to know
That the life we shared
Although now old and dull
Was like sweet wine
Perfected over the years of our lips
A taste as exciting as its hour
The perfected note played by time’s hand
And even in the end
After all the magic is revealed
I will be waiting here
At the reach of your nervous arm
To make you wonder.
Inspiration: Through the years we often forget what makes things special. We forget the times that keep us wondering. We think of others as objects that we have seen day-in-and-out for the last 8,000,000 years and it all seems boring. We don’t take time to realize that it is up to us to look past ourselves and see the moments that truly make us happy, and the people that we share those moments with.

What to think about: Think about a time where you had thought that a person you knew was so well known that you didn’t even feel like spending time with them. Is this because you really know them? Do you feel there are moments still left unexplained? Is there something new you could be doing?

What I would like: I feel like there are a couple points in this poem that have (hang-ups). The poem flows quite nicely besides them, but I am not sure what it is. I am also open to what is good and bad about this. I also like to strike a memory or moment with people, and I hope that this does that. Please let me know! Thanks