By: Lauren Nalls/http://laurennalls.wordpress.com/

just outside the have and hold

I’m taunted with a wicked grin

jangled keys for my release

my gaoler from within

fingers raw and clawing

heavy oak and iron door

slams fast across a tendered soul

bars entry evermore

streaking bloodstains gather here

mark days of no escape

numbered on cold stone-heart walls

your endured, repeated rape

you’ll earn your spurs on me today

no honor shall remain

for I have sentenced myself to

a dungeon of disdain

a treasonous confinement

for us I did commit

but this weeping plight troth prison

is a crime I’ll not admit

What inspired me: The idea that we create prisons for ourselves based upon our actions.
Something for audience to take away: The feeling of a self-imposed prison without having to have made that mistake themselves.
What feedback I’m looking for: Any helpful criticism that will make me a better writer.