The One Who Will Never Be
By: Mary Gichuki/http://wanguigichuki1.wordpress.com/

You cloud my thoughts
And stir my heart with emotions
You are the one I think of when I rise
And the last to reminisce about before I slumber.

The smiles before seem to obliterate,
As your smile is all I can see.
My thoughts are no longer my own
You are the center of me.

I long for your embrace,
Your kisses and cuddles.
In my dreams we build our castle
However, in reality we can’t seem to come into terms.

Memories are all I lean on
I cover myself with the moments we had.
Bath in the words we shared
And feed in what you taught me best.

You you you, you are all I can think about,
Why do you take a hold over my life?
I thought goodbye was the end of us.
You still hold my heart,
You The One Who Will Never Be.
Motivation: An ex lover that took time to get over.

Take out : That we all have that one person we have had in our life that took time to let go as we hoped that the love shared was real and would result to something. Letting go is never easy. I wrote this hoping it would resonate with someone out there who knows how it feels.

What I expect: Honest and genuine thoughts about the piece and the writing.